Lethbridge Naturalists' Society was formed to promote awareness of natural history in the Lethbridge area.

Founded in 1966, then established as a Society in 1976, the Lethbridge Naturalists' Society is a group of people interested in Natural History.  Our focus is the study of animals or plants, especially with observation rather than experiment, and presented in popular form rather than academic form.

Lethbridge Naturalists' Society (LNS) is a registered, non-profit organization that functions entirely through the efforts of volunteers.  Our organization is dedicated to the appreciation of natural history and the understanding of the the environment in Lethbridge and surrounding areas.

The LNS offers a wide variety of opportunities for members and the community to come explore, learn about and enjoy nature in theLethbridge area and around Alberta, Canada.  Through a series of guest speakers in the winter months and field trip excursions during the summer months, the LNS strives to develop knowledge and appreciation of natural history within Lethbridge and surrounding areas.

Check the calendar tab for our schedule of presentations, field trips and study groups. Be sure to read publications provided thanks to efforts of club members. Most LNS programs are delivered for adult audiences and may be suitable for some families.  Everyone is welcome to become a member and attend our events or programs.

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Here are some of our publications and articles by members:

We are currently researching and compiling a comprehensive history of the Lethbridge Naturalists' Society - please contact us if you have anything you wish to add and be sure to check back often for updates!