Lethbridge Naturalists' Society promotes understanding and connection with nature through education, partnerships, and field trips.


Think of us as the Lethbridge Nature Club!  We recognize Lethbridge as a vibrant ecosystem supporting many fascinating species, our goal is to promote balanced appreciation of all living things and natural features.


Everyone can be a naturalist!


noun: naturalist; plural noun: naturalists

an expert in or student of natural history.

synonyms: natural historian, life scientist, wildlife expert, biologist, 
botanist, zoologist, ornithologist, entomologist, ecologist, geologist, nature enthusiast

Mule Deer Bucks - Ken Orich (8/9/14)

Mule Deer Bucks - Ken Orich (8/9/14)


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White-faced Ibis - Ken Orich (21/5/14)

White-faced Ibis - Ken Orich (21/5/14)

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