The Lethbridge Naturalists' Society's goal is to provide enhanced nature appreciation opportunities and understanding for members and the general public.

We will do this by:

  • Bringing in guest speakers to our monthly meetings to give presentations on research, field work, and trips that are applicable. 
  • Annual field trips to appreciate/understand birding, flora and fauna, land use challenges, watershed and landscape dynamics. 
  • Participation in Citizen Science Projects such as annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC), May Bird Counts, Great Backyard Bird Counts (GBBC), Nest Watch, Journey North, as members and leaders of these events in Lethbridge and surrounding communities. 
  • Find opportunities to participate in Helen Schuler Nature Centre events as LNS members when applicable (annual Coulee Clean-Up as an example). Members have knowledge that will support HSNC activities (bird ID, plant ID, career-related backgrounds in the natural resource, research or agricultural fields).
  • Encourage public to become members of LNS.  Non-members (public) will be invited to attend all LNS events.
  • Advocate for improved nature-enhanced opportunities and improvements within Lethbridge and surrounding communities.
  • Invite media to some of our presentations and participate in our field trips.


Guiding Principles

LNS need guiding principles to help us stay focused on our purpose for being a society and to accommodate the broad diversity/background and views of our members.

We can accomplish this by:

  • Having our own agenda, in other words nmot being a part of someone else's agenda/viewpoints.  Requests for support will be answered in a letter stating that in view of our membership's diverse viewpoints we cannot offer a letter of support for their cause.
  • Leave the emotion out of issues and deal only with the facts.  Be fair and consider both sides from a factual point of view.  We are often consumers of the very thing we are opposed to emotionally.
  • LNS will not be against most land-uses, but will support improved uses of the land.  Being against something results in an awful lot of negative energy.
  • LNS will make an exception when it comes to the sale of Public Lands.  In principle LNS does not condone this.
  • An agenda item for monthly meetings should be "Upcoming Issues."  If anyone is aware of any, the membership can discuss so that the executive can respond in a timely manner if LNS is approached for support or our viewpoint.
  • LNS' credibility suffers when we cannot reply to outside interest groups immediately.  Membership should trust the executive to respond in a timely manner on sensitive issues.