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Annual General Meeting

  • Helen Schuler Nature Centre 1 Indian Battle Road South Lethbridge, AB Canada (map)

Join us at our 2016 Annual General Meeting

The Board of Directors of the Lethbridge Naturalists Society invite you to join us for our Annual General Meeting of Members to be held on Wednesday October 12, 2016 starting at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre community room, located in the Lethbridge river valley at the north end of Indian Battle Road South.
The meeting agenda, financial statements, annual report and other meeting materials will be available prior to the meeting. All members and friends may attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Meeting Agenda

At the Annual General Meeting voting members will be asked to:

  • Receive and approve the minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting;
  • Receive the report of the Chairperson;
  • Receive and consider the Financial Statements;
  • Appoint Auditors for the 2016 – 2017 Financial Review;
  • Appoint Directors; and
  • Transact any additional business brought forward at the meeting.

Voting Eligibility

Individuals, families, and organizations that have become members of or renewed their membership in the Lethbridge Naturalists’ Society prior to the start of the meeting are eligible to vote at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Tell us You’re Coming

Please let us know you plan to be in attendance!  Quorum is an important element of AGM.

Message from President on the importance of your attendance at AGM

Two years ago I attended my first Annual General Meeting of the Lethbridge Naturalists' Society.  I was shocked to learn of the motion to dissolve the Society and the potential to end the existence of an important local nature club in Lethbridge.  A few motions later I found myself thrust into the position of President, something I did not anticipate nor seek out! 

I am pleased to have become involved with the Society and have done my best to promote the organization by developing a website, curating photo-rich newsletters with relevant content, writing monthly "Did you Know?" pages for the Recreation and Culture Guide, managing the social media account, organizing the occasional executive meeting, encouraging field trips by seeking out leaders and destinations, set-up & take-down for our guest speakers, among many other things. 

There have certainly been some amazing members of the Lethbridge Naturalists' Society who stepped up and helped to ensure our membership had a steady supply of guest speakers, field trips, and newsletters. Thank you to those wonderful naturalists (you know who you are!).

Despite our best efforts, many pleas for help, and willingness to take more on our own plates, I report to you that I am at the end of my term and I feel like the Society has made little progress away from the potential to dissolve.  Many current board members have reached the end of their terms (after extended terms of service) and echo this same sentiment.

As such, if you think the Lethbridge Naturalists' Society is an important feature of our community, I implore you to get involved!  Take on a board role, take on a committee role, attend an event - whatever the case may be, do something!  An organization like the Lethbridge Naturalists' Society exists for the purpose of serving an active membership.  While we do have some paid members (thanks to those who are honest about our need for revenue to cover operating expenses like venue rental, insurance, speaker fees...), there are far more people on this mailing list who have not paid and seemingly have no intentions to pay their membership (even though you can pay online at  The vast majority of our membership (paid or not) does not engage - whether by attending events, responding to newsletter appeals, or leading/joining field trips.  It begs the question, if only for the benefit of a small group of people who are doing the majority of the work, why exist at all for those who are seemingly indifferent?

I know I feel strongly towards the continued existence of the Lethbridge Naturalists' Society.  I see great benefit in fostering a community of naturalists; in supporting the development of future naturalists; and providing opportunities for others to become more interested in the world around us.  Two years ago when the motion to dissolve was put forth, I did not understand why or where this was coming from; today, I understand the sentiments and frustrations of those board members.

It is important the membership understand and appreciate the realities currently facing the future existence of the Lethbridge Naturalists' Society.  I hope enough people care to allow the Society to exist for at least another season. 

In closing:

  1. Attend the AGM on Wednesday October 12, 7pm at Helen Schuler Nature Centre Community Room
  2. Buy/renew your membership (do it online at or in-person at the AGM)
  3. Do something for your Society!